An Evening Dedicated To God, Family And Friends

As many Americans woke up with headaches and hangovers, – desperate for a cup of coffee – the morning of January, 1 2018 there are some that woke up feeling well and alive, within the spirit of the lord.

Pastor Dr. Chris Oyakhilome closed out 2017 with a bang holding a large December 31st

holy service for hundreds of excited attendees. Beginning the event with “So we lift up our hand to praise your name” the focus was on the lord the entire time and the energy of the crowd was reportedly incredible. It took some time for the crowd to settle by time Pastor Chris had walked on stage and began attempting to speak.

The event was meant to celebrate a “year of flourishing” the church feels as though it has been blessed by god and as it continues to grow it also continues to give thanks and engage the community spreading awareness of the lord and getting others involved with being appreciative.

They also spoke on spreading the word of god through other entertainment mediums; spreading the word of god through t.v. and radio the internet and Loveword as well as Loveworld USA.

They also mentioned touching the lives of many inner-city youth, training thousands through the International school of ministries, as well as a Healing School which has also helped thousands.

The most incredible thing about this event is that so many gathered together soley to hear the word of god. However,there were still many great performances and although many were watching on TV or from their computer at home the excitement in the air was reportedly incredible.

Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu received the Future African Leaders Award (FALA). LIMA song of the year winner (2017) Martin PK joined the stage to sing his song “Beautiful Jesus”. Sinach also joined the stage and blessed the crowd with song.

It was reportedly an extremely exciting night however, it ended on a positive note. At the end of the night Pastor Chris came on stage and thanked god in prayer – “Oh father we thank you, we worship you, we honor you. Thank you for your love, for your grace, for your kindness. We worship you. Thank you for the year of flourishing, and our flourishing continues in the mighty and matchless name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!”.

“As we go into this very special year that’s coming, 2018, you’ve got to do things differently. I want you to get on KingsChat send all the names of your family members for us to pray over. This is going to be a very significant year. We need to pray with words of prophesy into the lives of family members.”

Although having fun Pastor Chris and company knew that the real focus of the night was the lord god and that is why he knew it was important to end the night, as well as bring in the new year, on the right note by ending in prayer.

So although many Americans are waking up with hangovers, headaches and regrets, theist can rest easy, there is still in god within this world. Many people of all over the country regardless of race or economic status still give thanks to god and hold those values higher than anything worldly. With that being said, Happy New Year, May you focus on what is important and be with your loved ones the way the attendance for Pastor Chris’s Dec 31 event was.