Be Alert, These Are Signs You Are Addicted to Shopping

Shopping is fun. In addition to being able to renew their appearance, these activities create feelings of happiness and can even relieve stress for some people. No wonder many are addicted to not being able to control expenses. Actually occasionally shopping a lot is okay while there is money. But if it continues, it’s not impossible that finances will fall apart.

Feeling often unable to resist the temptation of shopping? Try to find out if you are actually addicted. Analyze signs of Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) in yourself that you may not be aware of. What are the characteristics?

“They usually use shopping to try to be someone else. They get the feeling of power from shopping,” said Dr. Janer Hall, an Australian clinical psychologist to the Daily Mail.

According to Dr. Janet, actually CBD is not a psychological disorder but still needs to be watched out because it can cause anxiety, difficulty regulating anger, depression, to low self-esteem.

Many women have shopping hobbies. Shopping is basically fun. But if it is outrageous, the habit can actually be very detrimental. Check out the signs of people who are shopping crazy as quoted from the following Bullsky, who knows you are also included.

Have a collection

Women usually like to collect bags, shoes, or clothes with certain colors and models. While most men prefer to collect sports equipment or electronic goods. Normal You only collect certain items. But if you have a collection of almost all items, you are one who is shopping crazy.

Still wrapped up

Shopping is done when someone is bored with the old stuff. But if you have items that are still neatly wrapped in the closet and still want to shop, your shopping addiction starts to be dangerous.

No need

When shopping, do you want or need the item? Create a table and write down your shopping list. If the item you buy is mostly desired rather than needed, you are positively classified as a shopping person.

Relieve stress

Everyone has a different way to relieve stress. For example yoga, watching television, or gathering with friends. But if your stress reliever is shopping, you should immediately choose another alternative to overcome it.

Very satisfied

When shopping and finding items you like, do you feel very satisfied as if you feel like you are floating? If so, the sign you are stoned and too crazy shopping. Such feelings usually occur in alcoholics or drugs.

Feel guilty

Lastly, the sign of shopping shoppers is feeling guilty after shopping. Even so, you keep repeating shopping habits even though your wallet and credit card are getting thinner.

Another sign someone is addicted to buying goods is they often hide groceries. Especially in this day and age, shopping can be easily unknown to people because of credit card facilities and online shopping sites.

“Nobody knows if you do it. That you have spent money. And you feel, for a while, ‘I am a great person, I have chosen this and I will buy as much as I want’,” Janet said.

“Often they don’t need these items, they sometimes have a lot,” he added.

Then what should be done if you are indeed shopaholic? According to Janet, first you need to find out what really drives shopping. Then fix the root of the problem and shift the desire to spend money by meditating or exercising.

“Do you need a friend, do you need a massage, do you need a touch of love, do you need rest and relaxation? Financially, you need someone who knows what to do and minimize your debt, and you need someone who loves and cares for you but what makes you more responsible, “he said again.