DIY Resin Casting Tutorials

Esmeralda from Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame is a central character to the plot and the titular character within the authentic title, Notre Dame de Paris.

I am extremely happy with my latest purchase. I was a bit hesitant to bid on her, since she appeared to have a chipped rim within the picture. The seller assured me she was chip free; but, in the end, I chickened out and decided not to bid. Every week or so later, the seller relisted the head vase with added pictures, so buyers may see the rim higher. This time I decided to bid, and I used to be the one bidder, successful the public sale! She’s in perfect condition with NO crazing whatsoever! Attractive coloring, too! I purchased her from eBay seller sarasotagto. I really like her!

For my part though, the best way to dip-dye or get gradient hair is to simply use regular dye. If you would like the dip-dye impact, you simply paint it onto your ends. If in case you have dark hair, you’ll must bleach your ends earlier than doing this. For the gradient hair, you will take 2 or more colors or shades and paint them in layers over prime of each other. Do your analysis and watch a few other YouTube movies (apart from those below) and skim just a few articles/webpages, and you may get any of the dip-dye/ombre/gradient looks you see here, or you possibly can create certainly one of your personal.

For example, this photo exhibits a copper pendant that I made a couple of months in the past. I had seen a design that I believed was awesome to bezel a cabochon and I needed to make some. To begin with, I changed up the wire (mine is copper – the other was silver) and the gauge (mine was a thicker gauge wire) AND I hammered (textured) it, which wasn’t within the unique photograph. Then there is the cabochon. Mine is a teardrop form versus round and of a special colour and style stone. The wire that decorates the entrance of the stone is totally different from the original, too.

Then you’ve got the option of making wire links to complete your polymer clay jewelry pendants. And this is my absolute favorite option, nevertheless, yes, it does take time! The necklace is as much a murals because the pendant, but it’s so much extra rewarding to make a chunk that’s all made by hand. Again, it is all a matter of preference.