Rosa Hidayat Make Up Artist

I acquired these pretty Eyeshadow Kits over the weekend and had the prospect to swatch and play with them. They arrive in a easy and light-weight plastic packaging, with the components, palette quantity, and manufacturing date on the back.

Now the Silica gel will turn into a base for the powered gems. It will lock the dust onto your eyelids so that the eye shadow is lengthy lasting. You will not have to use a number of occasions a day. You can also substitute the silica gel with bees wax. I am a giant crystal fan, so I like my eye shadow with one hundred{697e989290efef171c35c7751511e5eae3f80bbc217982c932ee1555120fb223} gems. You will leave the silica gel and gemstone powder combination within the small plastic container with lid to set for 24 hours. Caution, only use a couple of drops of silica gel, you do not need to make the eye shadow to watery.

After I noticed this beauty on eBay, I used to be unsure whether or not or not to bid on her. A number of the images made it look as if she had some chips, so I inquired several instances about her situation; each time the seller responded very quickly, reassuring me that there was zero damage. She in all probability received uninterested in all my questions, but I repaid her when I put in my bid with mere seconds to go-and really winning her to my surprise!

A small refillable spray bottle for water, resembling a Nalgene journey cosmetic spray bottle or clear atomizer. Tip: Get an extra and fill it with olive oil for misting your palms, tools, clay, work floor, etc. I also recommend getting a further atomizer/mist bottle with a really effective spray for misting clay flippantly with water when it gets a bit of dry.

That is one in every of my favourite fast methods to apply liner. It is also frugal since you’re buying one product that serves dual purposes. You merely use either a liner brush or a sponge-tip applicator to line your eyes with shadow. You should use the applicator dry or barely moistened with water for a more dramatic impact. This works even higher for those who use a primer like I point out below.