Rosa Hidayat Make Up Artist

I acquired these pretty Eyeshadow Kits over the weekend and had the prospect to swatch and play with them. They arrive in a easy and light-weight plastic packaging, with the components, palette quantity, and manufacturing date on the back.

Now the Silica gel will turn into a base for the powered gems. It will lock the dust onto your eyelids so that the eye shadow is lengthy lasting. You will not have to use a number of occasions a day. You can also substitute the silica gel with bees wax. I am a giant crystal fan, so I like my eye shadow with one hundred{697e989290efef171c35c7751511e5eae3f80bbc217982c932ee1555120fb223} gems. You will leave the silica gel and gemstone powder combination within the small plastic container with lid to set for 24 hours. Caution, only use a couple of drops of silica gel, you do not need to make the eye shadow to watery.

After …