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Landscape Design–Knowing The Basic Principles If you want to get started with landscaping, it is best that you learn the basic principles of landscape design. It does not mean though that you have to apply every principles to every part of your plan. As long as you understand the principles, you are good to go and will be able to come up with ideas and even increase your creativity. There is a saying that goes great landscaping lies in the eyes of its creator. The principles of landscape design are very helpful as a guideline to follow but do not feel like they are the rules of landscaping. It is definitely permissible to go on your own way and welcome abstract and creativity into your work. Make sure to incorporate unity as on the main goals in your design. It is actually another term for consistency and repetition in landscape design. Repetition actually builds unity by repeating the elements that you will use in your design like plants, plants groups and decors. Meanwhile, consistency creates unity in terms of the various elements of the landscape that fit together to create a whole. You will be able to identify the unity by the consistency of character of elements in the design. By character, it means the texture, color schemes, height, and size of the different elements that are used in the design. A perfect example is the use of accent rocks and boulders. You will be able to tell if unity was not created if you have seen a landscape design that had several different colors and sizes of boulders. This is actually just one of the many examples but the principle applies to all other elements such as groups of plants and materials. You can actually simply create unity in your landscape by doing one thing–create theme gardens. It is easy to create theme garden and you can start off by determining what are the things that you are fond of or have passion for. For instance, if you have a strong love for butterflies, you can gather plants that attract butterflies and use in your design elements, decors, ornaments or statues that are related to butterflies. Unity should be visible in your landscape by at least one element or you can go for more, whichever suits your preference.
Getting Down To Basics with Landscaping
You should also be thinking about simplicity, as it is considered as one of the principles in design and art. If you are a beginner and a do it yourselfer, then you should definitely follow this principle. By its name, you just have to keep things simple to begin with. Adding and doing more can then just follow afterwards. For example, simplicity in planting would mean that you pick two or three colors and then repeat them throughout the garden or landscape.The Art of Mastering Landscaping