What are Travel Insurance Exceptions?

Travel Insurance for Seniors - Aged Traveler

Joining an insurance program is relatively easy now, especially with the increasing number of insurance brokers online, however, understanding the benefits of insurance is often not so good. Insurance services, no matter how good, of course, have an insurance claim exemption in certain circumstances.

For example, if you have an accident that requires you to be treated at a local hospital, you may feel calm because you have travel insurance, but because of certain circumstances insurance claims are not accepted by the hospital that handles you.

Do not immediately blame the insurance company or hospital, because it could be the cause is the situation when you have an accident outside the insurance policy coverage. Some general things that are the exception to travel insurance will be discussed as follows:

Accident or sickness experienced by someone who is under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Drunk and consuming illegal drugs are included in the category of something that is illegal in some countries. Even more so if you are drunk while driving a vehicle or doing dangerous things if done in an unconscious state. If something unexpected happens like a traffic accident while you are drunk driving, most hospitals will not accept your insurance claim. Because things like this are considered a personal mistake, so think again if you want to drink to get drunk.

Make a deliberate accident. Intentional here means that if you deliberately make yourself harmed to get travel insurance money. Although things like this rarely happen, but it should remain your attention and never try it.

Force majeure conditions will also not make your insurance claims liquid

Force majeure is a condition beyond your ability, for example, you are trapped in a riot or riots that occur in the country you are visiting. There is one submission that can be taken, for example you are on vacation to Thailand and are caught in a riot of red shirts. If you are injured in the incident, you will not get an insurance claim even if you are in that situation accidentally. To that end, as much as possible stay away from vacationing in conflict areas and do not get involved in all forms of riots that occur in a country.

If you are sick before the trip and you are desperate to ignore the doctor’s advice, then your insurance will also not be liquid. The reason is clear, ignoring doctor’s advice.

Next is pregnancy and miscarriage

Even if you have a miscarriage in the destination country, you still will not get an insurance claim because from the beginning to travel long distances while pregnant is already a big risk. Learn the terms and conditions of travel insurance so that you remain protected while traveling abroad.

If you are involved in professional sports, such as car racing, you should seek separate insurance if you want to be protected when participating in professional sports while abroad. Engaging in sports events and getting paid while traveling is an exception for travel insurance.