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The Benefits of Mulching Mulching does not only offer you the benefit of beautifying your planting beds with a pleasant layer that covers the bare soil, you can also benefit from a number of things, such as making your maintenance of your garden a lot easier while at the same time it improves the health of your plants. Organic mulching materials, like wood chips, grass clippings, straw, and leaves, give you the greatest benefits. Retaining Necessary Moisture Almost all plants need to have constant moisture just for them to grow properly. With mulching, you will be able to keep the soil moist for far longer than dirt. The material is made so that it can absorb water that comes from rainfall as well as irrigation and this will slow down the evaporation process of the moisture that is accumulated in the soil. With the improved water retention, you will then be able to reduce the need to irrigate frequently which would result to you being able to space out the plant watering longer so that you can also cut down a bit of your water consumption. Mulching could also help you slow down erosion as it is able to prevent water from washing away the soil out of the garden.
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Mulch is made also as an insulating layer that would benefit the temperature of the soil because whenever the weather changes in temperature, it would only slowly affect the ground’s temperature. Putting on mulch early summer of in the spring would be the best way for you to retain the cool temperature of the soil for much longer. The mulching material has the capability of absorbing some of the sun’s rays which would result to slower temperature increase of the soil. While temperature is dropping in times of fall and especially winter, the same layer of mulch will also help the soil retain the heat. The warmer soil helps your plants grow even longer than they would without mulch, and doing so will also help you protect your plants’ roots from the harsh temperatures that may be brought by winter. The Benefit of Suppressing Weed While you can say that healthy plant growth can effectively push out weed growth, putting on a layer of mulch will actually give you the benefit of having a lot more unwanted weed growth to be suppressed from your gardens and even so in planting beds. Germinating weeds won’t get the chance to grow because mulch will prevent sunlight from reaching it. Also, whenever weed seeds land on top of the layer of mulch, they won’t be able to grow some roots deeply into the soil which is why even if they grow, they will be so much easier to remove.