Chris Oyakhilome’s Ministry

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian pastor whose ministry work has gone all over the world. He not only gets involved in prayer and ministry, but he has extended into programs that are educative to the young generation. Pastor Chris has also proven helpful to the community by doing philanthropic activities than continuing to uplift the lives of the citizens in many African nations. His ministry is spread over 50 countries in the world and has a strong presence in Nigeria, South Africa, UK and the US. He had already held major events in the UK where many people turned their lives to Christ, and he sent a message of hope and God’s blessings.


Pastor Chris together with fellow pastors and reverends have had a series of meetings in many countries where they preach peace, the blessing for the countries and success in their endeavors. They also wish people prosperity. In their website, Chris Oyakhilome intimates the need to have faith and live a decent life. People can access his messages from the website. Also, those that have internet connection can stream the television live from the website. If there is any merchandise to be sold, there is an online store within the website. People pay and get their products or simply download them.

This week, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is said to be making his first visit to Zimbabwe, and the people anticipate a collection of blessings from the man of God. So far, over 100,000 people have registered confirming their attendance while more are expected to attend. The 60,000 sitting capacity stadium has been booked, and all the signs indicate that there is need to get more space within the venue. However, plans are top gear, and everyone is waiting for the big day.

The close associates to Pastor Chris have arrived in Zimbabwe, and they promise a fiery service. They had told media houses that the man of God comes with blessings and a message from God for the people of Zimbabwe. As it looks, it is a good message that people will make people proud. He is also expected to assist the people are they repent and ask God for forgiveness for their sins. The man of God has raised the stakes in Zimbabwe, and everyone is thinking of the service. The streets close to the venue have continued to be full and busy. There seems to be cleaning activities, and those close to him are elated at the rate of progress.

Speaking in a broadcast that aired live on air, Chris Oyakhilome said that Zimbabwe is a country that walks with God’s blessings. For the whole of this week, the people of Zimbabwe have been holding prayer rallies in the preparation of the coming day. They are blessing the day in advance that everything shall go as planned. Local pastor Ruth Musarurwa has urged the congregations to leave the church service better than they went for the service.

Reverend Tom who arrived in the country two weeks ago to set the stage for the final preparations has repeated the message that Chris sent on the live broadcast. He reminds the people of Zimbabwe that the man of God will pray for the country after the service. He promises that blessings and testimonies for the nation will follow in the coming days. However, he urged the people to stay with expectations about the blessings.