It is Always Time for a Show!

The Magic of Broadway Lives On! From about 42nd to 53rd, between 6th to 8th avenue in New York City, lies the pinnacle of the world’s theatrical destinations. The one, the only: Broadway. For over a century the theatres that collectively are known as Broadway have enticed audiences, bringing them from all over the world to see shows that define what a theatrical performance can be. Whether a musical, a classic like Death of a Salesman, or a timeless Shakespearean work, Broadway is where you will see each of these performed at a level that is rarely matched.

What is Broadway Exactly?

Broadway theater is a specific term, meaning a theatrical performance at one of the 41 theaters in the New York Theater district with at least 500 seats. The 2017-2018 Broadway season drew in over Seventeen Million customers, generating an amazing $1.6 Billion dollars in gross revenue. Though now host to a variety of shows, the legacy of the musicals of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein lives on, as the most popular shows to this day on Broadway are still musicals. The Broadway musical itself as in institution is often credited with the prominence that New York City plays in the American cultural mindset, specifically with regards to the theater and the arts.

How Can I Get A Seat?

Depending on the time of year, and the exact show, Broadway performances are notorious for being sold out quickly! Though some rely on directly contacting each theater and inquiring about ticket availability, the digital age has made buying tickets even easier. Using a site like can simplify the process of finding available tickets to popular Broadway shows, making sure that you never miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the unique magic of a production of one of the great theatrical performances in the most famous theaters in the world. Using a digital service means no more wasted time, just a straight-forward way to enjoy a wonderful event.

What is Hot On Broadway?

Premiering in 2015, Hamilton the musical, written Lin-Manuel Miranda and based on the biographical book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, the public has fallen in love with the unique take on what a musical can be and what makes for a compelling subject. Following the life and times of the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton began its life with an Off-Broadway run that saw entirely sold out engagements. After a six month run, the production was moved to the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway, seeing unprecedented critical acclaim and advanced ticket sales. Other recent darlings of Broadway include the humorous Book of Mormon written by primarily by Trey Parker and Matt Stone who are best known as the creators of the long-running cartoon South Park. Starting in 2011 on Broadway, the production has seen enthusiastic critical acclaim, and the quality of the musical has led to ongoing productions, both on Broadway and with touring companies.