Putting on Make Up That Goes with Your Outfit

Every girl wants to look great on her night out and for that, she will go to great lengths to keep a check and balance on everything she wears and does. If you are one of those girls, chances are you already have the outfits and the shoes planned for your night out. Being away from home, leaving the kids with the nanny and hanging with your friends is the perfect therapy for any tired mind. However, sometimes, you may have a hard time in making a decision on what type of makeup to wear with the outfit and shoes you picked out.

Makeup can often become very complicated as too many options can leave you in a disaster if you don’t know what is right for you. To help you in achieving a look worthy of your clothes, here are a few guidelines that you need to follow:

Matching Your Makeup to your Ensemble:

There are people who believe that going by a certain theme is a good idea. However, the majority of the people do not agree with this approach. If you are wearing an outfit of a certain color, it is always better to wear an eye shadow color that is coordinating with your skin tone, the time of the day or in contrast with your outfit. Matching your eyeshadow with your dress is a bad option because it is very tricky to get a shade that matches with your outfit and if you do get it right, you may look like you are wearing a costume. On the other hand, experts suggest that you may wear lipstick of a similar shade as your dress. The lipstick will do well with matching with your outfit, but you can also play around with different colors and match it with your eye make-up.

Find Colors That Complement Each Other:

Finding colors in your lipsticks and eye shadows that complement your dress is tricky. To make sure that you are choosing the right shade, keep a color palette with you to suggest which tone goes well with which color. You can also take references from online clothing boutiques which have images of models wearing a similar dress/color and take note of their make-up.  You will need some research time for this activity, so make sure that you do all this well in advance.

Having a Go-to Color:

You may sometimes not have time to start a whole process of decision making to get your make-up right on track with your whole ensemble. For that purpose, keep some shades of lipstick and eye shadows that you can apply anytime and work well with most outfits. Fuchsia, red and a shade of nude color is a must have in your vanity box when it comes to lipstick. For eye shadows, you can have metallic shades that work best with most of the colors and dresses are perfect for any occasion.

Flashy Dress:

If the color of the dress is really bright or has too many sequins, you wouldn’t need a lot of effort in deciding colors for your face. You may go with a nude, caramel or beige tone for the entirety of your face and let yourself shine through your outfit. If you want to add a little extra drama to your look then you may proceed to add dark colors in eye shadows and follow the same theme with lipstick and hard contouring.

Develop your Own Color Combos:

Burgundy and black, bronze and navy, blue and gold are agreat combination for any dress and makeup combo. However, you don’t always have to follow suit and you can mix and match shades if it works with your skin tone and enhances your facial features instead of overpowering them. You would need time to experiment with those shades first to make them work and use them as your savior when you may run out of options.

When it comes to make-up, it is all about having fun while looking good. But one must always pay attention and refrain from overdoing it. Although there are a large number of different colors and shades available, but for those who have a hard time deciding what to do, they can start off their journey by acting upon the above advices.