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80s FashionAspiring writer and lover of all things expressive. I enjoy writing about style, makeup, crafts, and events (significantly ones where costumes are involved).

Sheena performing in an underground evening club was horny enough, however then halfway by means of the track she leaves the stage during the instrumental break to change her dress. And since this was a rare case of a video being edited in real time, and the clothes she wore have been pores and skin tight, you simply knew she needed to strip down to her skin as a way to put the second costume on. While you see no more than her adjusting the second costume once she has changed, the concept of her backstage in the nude for about 30 seconds was very stimulating.80s Fashion

From the early to mid Nineteen Eighties, post-punk and new wave music teams influenced mainstream male and female fashion. Commercially made slim-becoming suits, skinny neckties , striped T-shirts, Members Only jackets , clubwear , metallic fabric shirts, cat eye glasses , horn rim glasses with brightly coloured frames, androgynous neon coloured make-up, 36 and pristine leather jackets were widely worn. 37 Common hairstyles included a brief quiff for men, or teased large hair for ladies, and typical unisex colors for clothes included turquoise , teal , red, neon yellow and purple.

From 1968-73, he worked in what would be his most famous role, that of Pete Cochran on the series The Mod Squad about three younger rebellious social outcasts who turn out to be undercover cops. Cole’s character of Pete Cochran, the son of a rich household who toss him to the curb when he gets arrested for stealing a automobile turned Cole into a teen sensation over night.

Big hair. Perms. We all permed and then mousse was our good friend. I recall feeling fugly as I was born with straight hair! The more quantity the better!!! Power suits with plush Reebok sneakers. Sneakers with fits have been big. Men & girls. Acid wash denim. Rugby shirts. Teased bangs that went the mile. Shoulder pads. I’ll submit pictures tomorrow as I’m on my cellphone.