The Many Occasions for Flower Delivery

There are several occasions throughout the year where gift giving is anticipated. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, the list is almost endless. For me, all the flowers and gift purchasing can be expensive, especially having multiple people to buy flowers for. Spouses, parents, grandparents, friends etc. that’s quite a few people. A big help would be a coupon that offers a nice discount on all of these occasions. Depending on the gift, some of these occasions can’t really be planned for. In the case of flowers, three things that come to mind for an unexpected delivery are funerals, sickness, and love interest.


No one has ever spoken to me about it, but flowers for a funeral can be quite pricey. Most of the time you receive a letter or a call and then you ask for the address to send over an arrangement. The timing is never going to be convenient, but what would help a little is using a coupon to get a small percentage off of the arrangement price. Even if you are handling the arrangements through a funeral home, it could save the family a bit of money if the funeral home could receive a discount on the flowers.


These flowers aren’t that hard to purchase. In the hospital gift shop for spur of the moment, there’s a nice small flower and a nice bear usually comes with it. All to say get well soon. It’s a nice touch, and I imagine it would brighten anyone’s day to know they are being thought about. If you want, you can also have a bouquet delivered from the outside. Going that route will also give you a broader range of flowers to choose from, and if you find a coupon for them, even better.

Love Interest

You are going about your day when you come across someone who you’re interested in. Maybe you become a secret admirer, or maybe you introduce yourself and see if you have a chance. Either way, now you have an unexpected flower expense in mind and she’s the recipient. For times like these, you could enjoy a discount on sending over a nice bouquet of roses or whatever your arrangement of choice may be. For a personal touch, I tend to use 1 800 Flowers.

Flowers are a nice to have. They do die after a while, but it is fun to enjoy them while they are with us. Some of the arrangements are so beautiful you wish they could last forever. I enjoy flowers, and I also respect the fact that they have so many uses, some are rather sad, others try to be a bridge from sadness to hopefulness, while some spark a special feeling in your heart. Whether its a funeral, sickness, or love, get your special person some flowers. Even if you did use a coupon, let them and the world know you care.